Commissions and Professional Experience

Digital Imagery Limited

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Commissions and Professional Experience:

2006: Commissioned to create “Taken With Time” a 21 minute documentary of the camera obscura project at the Print Center, Philadelphia, featuring the work of Ann Hamilton, Abelardo Morell and Vera Lutter.

2004: "SpaceTime Matrices", a series of five short high definition video pieces selected for broadcast by the Moov art channel of the Voom high definition satellite network.

2003: Created DVD for College of Design, The University of the Arts showing works of each department of the College.

1999: Developed the Physician's Home Page exhibit experience for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for use for three anti-infective medical conventions.

1999:  Developed the Internet Ready Patient Information system for Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1999: Developed the Physician's Home Page exhibit experience for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for use at the American Academy of Dermatology convention.

1997:  Conceived and developed Physician's HomePage exhibit experience for Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1994:   Conceived and developed an interactive digital multimedia recruiting program for The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  The program was installed on a laptop computer and was used by admissions recruiters to show an in-depth view of campus life and University programs.

1989-present:  Consultant to Zeneca Pharmaceuticals on digitally based trade exhibition systems as well as onsite setup and assurance of operation of existing systems.

1989:  Created a totally computerized exhibit system for Stuart Pharmaceuticals to help launch their new anesthesia product Diprivan.  This system includes computer animation, a historic imaging system incorporating the physicians portrait in a depiction of the first public demonstration of etherization.

1988-89:  Computer systems consultant to the Port of History Museum, Philadelphia, PA.

1988:  Consultant to Stuart Pharmaceuticals and ICI Pharma on hardware / software for exhibit systems.

1987:  Created a customized letterhead / data acquisition exhibition for ICI Pharma.  This system also offered the disk based program called Assure that allowed letterhead generation on Macintosh computer system.  Also developed software and graphics for the Patients Like Yours video display system.

1986:  Consulted for the Creative Department graphic design firm to help establish a computer design system for the firm.

1986:  Hardware and software design for computer graphic exhibit system  used by Parke-Davis pharmaceuticals.

1986:  Computer graphic work for design firms in Philadelphia and Norwalk, CT., and National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.

1984:  Created an interactive, biofeedback computer graphic exhibit system  for Stuart Pharmaceuticals, Div. ICI Americas

1983:  Consultant to Franklin Computer Corporation creating product demonstration disks, and corporate image slide show.

1983:  Computer graphics consultant, Stuart Pharmaceuticals.

1983:  Computer graphics consultant for an educational interactive videodisk concerning diagnostic ultrasound scanning processes.

1983:  Represented by Photo Researchers, Inc., 60 East 56th St., New York.

1982:   Product development consultant to Interactive Structures Inc., Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

1982:   Computer graphics program and images created for  Amdek Corp.

1981:   Graphics consultant to Interactive Structures Inc.

1980:   Consulted and helped develop a computer controlled message system for the Philadelphia College of Art.

1978:   Created a slide-tape program for the Philadelphia College of Art  for use in the institution's public relations program.

1978:   Produced a series of digital images for Smith, Kline and French, Philadelphia., PA.

1975:   Media consultant to Sangamon State University, Lincoln Project, Springfield Illinois.

1975:   Commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to create an educational multimedia presentation of four Eighteenth century period rooms.

1973:   Portfolio of photographs featured in the Weyerhaeuser Paper Company, "Innovations In Paper" publication.

1973:   Photographed the public work projects across the State of Zulia, Venezuela for a multimedia program produced by that government.

1972:   Technical consultant to Andrew Rudin's opera "The Innocent",  performed at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia.

1972:   Multimedia consultant to Ayer Design, a division of N.W. Ayer Advertising, Philadelphia.

1970: Created a nine screen multimedia installation for the City/2 exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The exhibition ran for six months.

1967:  Created the multimedia environment for the opening of the Electric Factory, in Philadelphia.

1965:  Worked for Ash Films on a project involving interviews conducted by Studs Terkel.