CYCLES: The piece begins with "Prologue", a 15 minute section of sound that serves to establish audience feeling for the progression of events.  The first picture and sound section, "Beginnings" is an eight screen image matrix in which thematic concerns focus upon childhood, the home and those influences that begin to build a child's view of being.  The second image section uses a three screen format, and is titled "Journeys".  It traces the growth and transformation of the individual moving toward maturity.

 "Mysteries and Terrors" is the final section, in which questions of existence, along with fears, both real and imagined, surface.  Its content varies from the depiction of a child's dream turned nightmare, to a series of complexly altered images of a physical conflict.   As the key section of CYCLES, the section is intended to presage those dark events that loom as potential threats to one's stable existence.